Review- 2008 Maison Maurel Vedeau Les Cépages Pinot Noir

Ending the year on a downer with this absolutely pathetic attempt at wine. Doesn’t even taste like others in it’s class and has a nose that smells like a wet, stinky kitchen sink! Taste was okay, but not anything that is noteworthy. Basic black fruit, wood, light spice, raspberries… It just doesn’t hold together well and strikes out with me. Cheap? Yes. Serviceable? Not in this house it isn’t! There are many other Pinot Noirs I would recommend for even less than this one. Avoid at all cost!

I sure hope the 2004 Barolo I bought to ring in the new year kicks some serious ass as I’m so depressed by this wine I wanna bury my cork and forget everything right now… Happy New Year everybody!

Personal Palate Score- 0.8 out of 5 (I’m being nice)
$7.99 @ Fresh & Easy Marketplace
12.5% ABV